The vivid mind project

The vivid mind project

Sep 26, 2021

The vivid mind project is conceptualized as a portal which is meant to connect an individual seeking mental health care to a resource that can help them out. These resources can take the form of reliable information, screening modules and self-help material that can guide a care seeker in the right direction. These resources are not meant to replace the expertise of a mental health professional but are meant to augment care. We are also involved in developing intuitive mobile applications that can help users take control of several mental health issues.

The vivid mind project hopes to be able to effectively screen for mental illness and provide mental health care assistance in the form of either self-help ( workbooks, articles, mobile apps, videos, podcasts) and/or referrals to support groups or professionals in an anonymous and automated manner. Seeking and obtaining help should be as easy as buying something on amazon.

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