JRPClightning 0.2.1 is out

JRPClightning 0.2.1 is out

Sep 09, 2021

Here we go, this is a new minor release of the c-lightning java framework to interact with the c-lightning RPC and create plugins in Java and all compatible languages.

This version, brings more stability to the library, in fact, there is a huge internal refactoring, but for the end-user, there is nothing new.

Ah, yes. Now you can register your plugin to an on init call, where you can init your plugin and make a c-lightning RPC call. An example can be https://github.com/clightning4j/jrest/blob/9c6dfaba6df584cb8460522f1117628ceb7a9075/src/main/java/io/vincenzopalazzo/lightning/rest/CLightningRestPlugin.java#L50


To ask questions about the release you can use the following method https://github.com/clightning4j/JRPClightning/discussions/42

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