Fast set-up of c-lightning with docker c ...

Fast set-up of c-lightning with docker container and pruning mode

Aug 03, 2021

Hi all.

I want to share with you one of the side projects that I start this year. It is focused on the c-lightning plugins written in Java with the JRPClightning library.

This side project is called clightning4j-node and it is a docker image that contains a c-lightning version that ran a java plugin called btcli4j that implement a wrapper of bitcoin backend that enables a rest mode with esplora API by Blockstream or Bitcoin core 0.21.0 (pruning mode included) (or both mode together)

This docker image gives the possibility to compose your lightning environment with peace as you like. It also includes a rest API in experimental mode (lightning-rest) and is not completed. But I think it is a good starting point.

I'm happy to share it with the community because I developed all the pieces and I'm happy to catch and test in a real env to learn how can improve and fix the repository.

Some reference to the docker image is the following one

a small demo of all the pieces that work together are on the following site (ln-sanitycheck)

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