Feb 28, 2022


finding out about myself.
Finding some proof,
a self-created shelf,
and these chains,
they’re all my own.

Nothing seemed urgent anymore,
but getting broken years,
frozen spite,
the fear-filled night,
I belonged in the back.

The truth looked at me;
so light hits the blind.
The cage disappeared.
Free, like I always feared.

Where am I going to?
I don’t know who I am.
I could have sworn
I was just like you.

I’m finding out things
that it’s all about me.
That this is how it is
and will always be.

A secret was revealed.
A tombstone just for me.
"I’m here for you."

Where have I steered into?
Was I on my own?
Did I forget to take the blame
and so ending up alone?

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