The Servant

Mar 01, 2022

The Servant

Maybe now you see why I sigh.
Maybe now you know
why I must show.
Maybe now I can walk
through the land of King hawk.

I play a game that he made.
Gave me gods, lost my faith.
Something I’ll never get.
Something he’s always had.
Something to remind me.

It’s irreversible now.
Eating flesh of a tortured cow.
Sleep with the devil in my bed.
It’s just the brain inside my head.

Maybe we will see the light
that’s bound to burn this friendship.
May we rest in peace,
or live on in the heart of mankind.

May I lose it all before we die.
Forgive me for telling your lies.
Forgive me for losing your gold.
I'm enjoying and living
the story you never told.

Nothing here’s a sin.
The enemy’s within.
It’s all being controlled.
A simple story told.

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