Mar 01, 2022


I see a face out of corner of my eye.
I see a girl, no brain, thinks with her heart.
But her heart was going bad.
I see a girl already dead.

And I couldn’t move.
It was hard to breathe.
She came all over me.
Underneath the sheets.

No matter how long I may live.
I’ll give all I can give.
As long as I have life, blessed I am.
Although I don’t know how to survive.
A demon?
My woman from past life?

I remember now.
I had just fallen asleep.
But before I finally rest.
Felt this pressure on my chest.
My heart beating out of my body.

I’m now frozen still.
The old hag in my bed.
All the nasty things she says:
“Give it to me in the head.”

It whispers: “I will never stop.
Go on until your body rots.”
Looking me straight in the eye,
“Grab your chance now it’s still here.”

Most violent love I’ve ever shared.

Just another secret to take along.
So scared I will see her when my time has come.
Just before taking my last breath.
Hearing you say: “Well, at last.”

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