Si Song Aid

Mar 01, 2022

Si Song Aid

The weightlessness of the dark beats the heaviness of the day.
During light, all the night’s sweet dreams have absolutely nothing to say.

The sweetest desires come true in the misty glow of the moon.
When the strongest wish is wished by you.
When the demons get their crucial clue.

When the sun shines on someone else, your eyes are opened shut.
The rest of your life passes you by
when you’re told how you're going to die.

All the prayers in the world won’t save you.
Now the light shows off its years.
The darkness and you seem to mend.
This is it; your show will finally end.

Dreams that stay undreamed.
Nightmares die unborn.
Happiness never lived.
This sorrow you leave behind, it’s life’s greatest gift.

For the songs play somewhere else.
Words will be written through another pen, by the thoughts of a poet that howls at the moon, wondering where his time’s gone, and why it went so soon.

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