Let Go

Mar 01, 2022

Let Go

The mind is split in half.
And the dream is torn apart.

The one that gave its life.
No possession of a heart.

All the faithless vengeful love.
Hope has lost a wingless dove.

The reality is touch and go.
All these gatherings are just for show.

The little one had no control.
The elder one without a soul.

As their dream was split in two.
Spending lives in search for a clue.

There might have been a way.
A way to set things straight.

Had not all been said.
A way to leave the bad.

The reality hits harder than before.
The real new false name of the whore.

The law that all is your fault.
The lives that were put on halt.

Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. Nothing really matters anymore.

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