It Was Never You and I

It Was Never You and I

Mar 28, 2022

It Was Never You and I

Now I can finally see
what exactly bothered me.
a youth
summed up
in a single tear.
by insoluble fear.

Looking at the trigger,
understanding why.
Looking at the trigger,
it was never you and I.

Making a fire
out of the coldness of your soul,
forcing me to take the blame.
It extinguished
the light
that was meant to get me higher.
You’ve had your way
and turned me into a liar.

The haunting songs
that wouldn’t Let It Be.
The Long and Winding Road.
Emotional overload.

The dark showed me
who you are
after I gave it
all of myself.
But darkness spat me out:
"It’s not you that I’m after;
remember your childhood,
remember the laughter!"

The truth shall set you free.
It was never you and me.
The truth shall never die.
It was never you and I.

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