Mar 01, 2022


Thinking of a flame that will never die.
I run into a world that doesn’t belong to me.

Adapting to the astonishing moments of hate.
All, in and of itself, designed by your own fate.

My life in slow decay.

Later I’ll be free.
Later is all about me.

Like a flame muted by a lack of oxygen.
I’m waiting to be thrilled, finalized, rebuilt.

Down, until it’s you that’s killed.

Later I’ll be free.
Later is all about me.

I’m drenched with your blood.
Your body slowly gives up its juice.

Ooze by ooze, by ooze, by ooze.

The flame is on
from the moment you were gone.

My silence crushed
from the second you were hushed.

A clear moment without any mist.
One clear moment,
until I am kissed.

Now that your eyes can no longer see.
You are the victim, and the killer is me.

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