Mar 01, 2022


Wherever you are,
if you're lost,
be a wandering star.
Hurl through galaxies
that no one has yet flown across.
Breakthrough alternate universes,
door to door.
Don't stop burning up life's fuel;
that's what fuel is for.
You are unstoppable;
time is merely cruel.

accelerate through the heavens.
One day you'll see the lost
looking up to watch a shining star,
like an unattainable goal.
You'll be the only one that knows
how you came to be.
Tell them
that you're just like them,
so they too may see.

You're a future light,
an example for many.
We'll all look up
and watch you fly by.
We'll be amazed
to see that one brave soul
can reach such heights
in the fulfillment of its destiny.
So come on,
bring out the best in us,
bring out the best in me.

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