Es Mi Vida

Mar 01, 2022

Es Mi Vida

Now that you understand,
now that you know how it feels
to be silenced,
to be left behind,
owned by the unknown,
you're starving,
like me:
cold, dark, and alone,
and there's nothing
that can change this.
There's not a single reason why,
just an everlasting
unanswerable question,
the end of you and I.

One light,
I'm glad,
blinds me.
Your sun will rise again.
In the darkness,
you can find me
pretending I'm the man.
It's not my living nightmare
that turned our love to stone.
I never dreamed about this,
a life lived all alone.

Goodbye, my love of never.
I always told you so.
My life is not worth living.
One day you'd let me go.

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