Divorce the Dark

Oct 11, 2022

Divorce the Dark

Darkness; it's an entity
that sleeps during the day.
It falls way out of sight,
yet clings with all its might.

It hangs around your lonely brain.
It makes you think you need a cane.

It feeds on being alone and fear.
It even knows that you're now here.

Say hello to Monsieur Dark.
Its claws, fur, teeth, and bark.

Your own true and loyal dog from hell. Make no mistake, they all know you well.

No medicine for it to take.
You are artificial, a fake.

No bigger truths than lies.
Your soul sealed off your eyes.

Years you'll spend alone.
Hearts turned into stone.

Until a speck of light lights up
during a year-long lonesome night.
The utter pureness of a woman gives all men many reasons to fight.

Darkness no longer matters.

She will clean up all the pieces.
The force of her love increases.

Divorce the dark.
It made a mockery of your life.
That little speck becomes the sun
when you greet and meet the only one.

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