Dark Sparrow

Mar 01, 2022

Dark Sparrow

Why am I afraid?
I ask myself too late.
Like I always am.
Pretending I’m your man.

Heaven holds a place.
But first awaits a grave.
Most people have no clue.
I am here because of you.

I live in my own world.
Just as real as your soul.
The one solution I can see.
Is to save us all from me.

This flight is mine alone to catch.
Say goodbye to fear and love.
Deus ex machina.
What comes down from up above.

Every creature dies alone.
The rabbit’s back for more.
Through the tunnel towards the gun.
Flood, time, cellar door.

Phonaesthetics for the ear.
The last twenty-eight days of fear.
Go to bed, you've done your best.
You'll come in first by ending last.

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