Creature of the Night

Creature of the Night

Mar 01, 2022

Creature of the Night

You amazing creature of the night.
Fighting against all that is good.
Your weapon drawn from sunset till dawn.
Eyes of fire, balancing on the thinnest wire.

Someone is more to blame.
The one praying in your name.
Truth, love and light haunt you the most.
Modified apes denounce the Holy Ghost.

Young are the ones.
They scream out in your name.
The ones not afraid of fear, conjure the unborn.
And make death shed a tear.

The war against yourself.
It’s the first and final step.
The ones that call you God
The ones you let eat crap.

Defy and cheat all that is whole.
Making cancer out of every mole.
The people you have turned to mice.
Can’t see through the bluest eyes.

You amazing creature of the night.
The trap is set, but exposed.
Those with discernment, they can see.
And it’s them you hate the most.

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