Conceal and Dismantle

Conceal and Dismantle

Mar 01, 2022

Conceal and Dismantle

You will break down the walls that you have built around yourself. When not the truth, but your truth sees you, when the lies hurt your eyes, and the gloves will not fit you anymore, and you realize that you will not leave your fingerprints on this earth.

I will not be held accountable for my sin. It was somebody else crawling inside of my freaking skin. This demon has left, and all it took was my soul. Floating through the airwaves, the prince seeks revenge, puking me out as I recite His commands.

We are all pregnant with death. Our one true love, our truest friend, never leaves our sight, guiding us till our very last breath. I have nothing frightful to tell you. Your Life of Nights has come to an end. The suffering remains with the living. All your cells seek a new trend. You’re gone, on your way, and your dust will turn into a new man of clay.

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