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Exclusive 2021 summer photo dump

Exclusive 2021 summer photo dump

Aug 23, 2021

Summer is finally done and so am I! 

Today I'll go see an apartment that is bigger and cheaper than the one I got now, wish me luck! 

Thought about what my next post was going to be, and I ended up with a photo dump of pictures from this summer that I haven't posted ANYWHERE, beware 😏

I think these give a great overview of my summer: sophisticated wine days, drunk as fuck days, road to silver hair, trying to take care of this old face of mine, delicious food, Spartans games, beach days, leg problems, time spent with my loved ones, and mostly just overall exhaustion.

Also notice the peace sign section which should not exist in 2021, I gotta get a grip. 😆

This is another great example how me and my buymeacoffee are all over the place, some of these humiliating, some just awesome! Which one is your favourite pic? 

Happy last days of summer to you my sweeties! 💜 See you with my next post!


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