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Apr 11, 2022

The first week of our 3-month experiment revolved around the importance of the "Plot Twist" that is created in your life to LAUNCH 🚀 you into your 5th-dimensional, SOUL reality in physical form. No one really knows what to expect of this reality except that this 5D reality is built on a consciousness of overflowing love, deep gratitude, blissful peace, creativity, and a life of simplicity that allows for the FULL EXPRESSION of YOUR soul.

EVERYONE has a sovereign right to choose this expression and if you're in THIS DTI CommUNITY, you can exert that right with this 90-day experiment to ascend into the consciousness, (Higher Self), of that reality. (This is advanced quantum work, therefore, your mind must be willing to EXPAND into knowledge you have never learned in your modern world). It's the EXPANSIVE minds that create worlds, therefore, YOU are BE-ing asked to expand and create a world that is a divine reflection of your soul.

You were asked to explore that 5D reality and toss your intentions into portals of opportunity, (moments when you feel love & joy in your heart), for creation. You also opened your Karmic storehouse to LIGHT the way with investments of frequencies & currencies that "fuel" your creative efforts towards that 5D reality.

One of the collective "withdrawals" from the Karmic Storehouse is new training for your integrated BE-ing. We're going to cover that withdrawal on today's "Daily Tune-In." Today's message/training is provocative, mind-expanding, and makes you stop to consider if you're truly READY for the next-level of this ascension process. It will stretch you...but that's what we're looking for. (Remember DAY 5? Creating tension?)

We're going to "invest" this collective Storehouse withdrawal in ourselves by expanding into the "how" of ascending into your 5D reality. Bring an OPEN's gonna challenge the current version of your mind, but this is where you GET to "update" to the upgraded STOREHOUSEMIND 2.0.

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