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Jan 18, 2022

As the "tsunami" of disclosure and change unfolds in our global reality, change will most likely continue to re-arrange each individual life as we know it. Including yours.

The changes taking place are IN YOUR FAVOR, therefore, nothing to be feared; yet, given the egoic fear of change that runs through most humans, there are more lessons to be learned.

This next phase of "holding the line" of consciousness is also about balancing the process of surrendering to change that shows up, sometimes unexpectedly, in your life.

We "think" we know surrender until we're faced with it and it is one of the scariest things to face when change is beckoning all around you and nothing feels comfortable. In those moments, we are faced with choosing the will to fight or the will to surrender.

Join me on Wednesday for the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 6a PST | 8a CST | 9a EST | 2p GMT | 4p EET to dig into the differences between fighting the change or surrendering to it. There is a rather large distinction between the two and the "success" of your ascension journey will be greatly impacted by your choice.

I'll be sharing some personal experiences with my own choices between the two and what message has come through very powerfully as a result of the choices I have made.

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