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Mar 01, 2022

QUICK NOTE: Hey, everyone! Our internet went down yesterday, so I was not able to get on to the DTI. I had no way to communicate that, which was QUITE an interesting predicament. Anyhoo, it wasn't for some "solar-flash" reason, it was because a "sleeper" woke up in our reality and cut off our communication. This experience awakened a new phase for "lightworkers" like us, so that is what spurred this message for today's "Daily Tune-In..."

Sleeper agents are infiltrating the line of consciousness to weaken YOUR forces...BE AWARE!

We are in a critical time on the "energetic" front-lines of this spiritual war playing out. Those of us holding the line of consciousness will "see" most of the attempts to lure the collective to the "enemy" side of this war...the dark side.

We have been FULLY "trained" to hold the line by now, but remember, this is NOT some "old-school" war with obvious weapons of arms and gas chambers. This is a war of mind control and sci-fi-book-worthy twists & turns that change the plot daily making it a WHOLE new experience of war...most of the collective is now only seeing it because it's been "declared." This war has been happening for YEARS now and most didn't even know.

In this war, the PEOPLE either choose the enemy's "weaponry" that will "put them to sleep," or the "weaponry" of sovereignty to hold the line of consciousness. THIS is where the "boots on the ground," the Lightworkers, the "Navy Seals" of the Spiritual Forces must be SURE they are choosing the correct "weaponry" to SEE the enemy's evolved tactics.

Here's the thing, there really is NO enemy. It's just facets of our consciousness that have been misinformed being reflected back to us and the sooner we SEE these facets, the sooner we can "take them out," by simply recognizing them.

This isn't a bloody battle, but an energetic one. There are "sleeper agents" disguised as individuals in our lives that are now "waking up" to THEIR role in your inner battle to "reflect back to you" facets of darkness within. Their mission is to pull you down into the darkness so the line of consciousness is weakened.

Join me today on the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 7a PST | 9a CST | 10a EST | 3p GMT | 4p CET as we break down who these "sleeper agents are," why they are appearing now, and what YOUR role is in infiltrating THEIR line of defense to weaken THEIR dark line of consciousness.

You won't want to miss today's DTI because things are getting really intense in the physical realm and there are "enemies" that are obvious AF, and there are those who sneak up on YOU and attack when you least expect it.

Today's DTI is a reminder of the training you've already received and we'll cover THE most important facet of YOU that will destroy any dark enemy that "awakens" in your world.

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