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Apr 08, 2022

Where there is tension, a resolution will seek to reveal itself....but who directs the resolution?

In the "old" paradigm, life would direct the resolution by triggering a demise of some sort and whatever happened afterwards was "what we got." During this 90-day experiment, you are receiving training in your "new" operating system that is awakening remembrances of how powerful YOU really are. YOU are remembering that YOU have the power to SHIFT to ANY higher timeline you desire. That said, YOU also remember that you MUST GROW into the resonate frequency of that timeline, which means YOU are willing to "do the consciousness work" to RISE UP to meet the timeline.

Your plot twist is designed to SHIFT you into another reality and will require some tension as the resolution seeks to reveal itself in these 90 days. THAT is why your designated "plot twist," (timeline shift) MUST be conscious, deliberate, AND make you STRETCH with TENSION towards the NEW TIMELINE.

You must be WILLING to navigate some tension in these 90 days. YOU have already learned how to navigate discomfort! YOU can withstand some discomfort knowing YOUR soul-designed plot twist is taking you to a NEW reality, right?? REMEMBER, the greater the tension, the greater the discomfort.

We're going to be discussing this and more on today's "Daily Tune-In" LIVE!


This is part of a 90-day experiment to discover YOUR superhuman abilities of creation. This training is hosted in SERVICE to YOU on the "Daily Tune-In" LIVE every weekday on Youtube channel: (link in bio)

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