Welcome, Loves.

Sep 29, 2022

Soooo I have been a creator for many years.

poetry, painting, videography, photography, screen printing, podcasting...

if it's art, or I can center community leaders and builders with it - name it and I have done it.

the why that guides me is simple...

to continue to share self-expression, wisdom and tools for your path, our paths.

for each thing I create works it's magic first on me and then through me.

I am creating this buymeacoffee as a way to stay more deeply connected with those who want to dive deeper with me in community, explore creativity, art and healing.

As a way to share what I am up to and cultivating while allowing the community that gathers to support my continuing of this work through an energetic exchange.

I am working to lessening my attention dedicated on social media outside of this container, and anyone who joins over here - i love u.

okie, ttys.

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