Dec 31, 2022

"::TIER UPDATE:: So I wanted to have the membership tiers open by January 1st but I've hit some snags so I'll be up and running hopefully by the end of January if not February. There have been some changes to the tiers. Once its finalized I'll post them! "


Still working on my Commission sheet and rewards for my tiers.  I tried to get some physical ones but its been difficult.

But I will get it done! 

So I'm still looking for an apartment and I have 20 DAYS LEFT!!

I will putting every last drop of energy into getting one. I've been messaging agents left and right.  I have NOT gotten ONE message in return.

I need a new apartment. I don't want to be here another year.  I cant.

If I don't get an apartment now I will have to refile with HRA. HRA may determine I did not try hard enough to get one the first time.

I will literally breakdown and cry.


Wish me luck!

Thank you and Stay Magical!

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