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The Dark Shadow Figure

The Dark Shadow Figure

May 08, 2021

I am an old African American lady in my mid 80s and I'm blessed that I am still here and hope to see many more years by the grace of God. My God my God my wonderful God.

 I have lived a long time and I have seen a lot and been through a lot.  I have also experienced hauntings from the spiritual world so I know a lot about the existings. One day I was sittin in my rocking chair in the living room watching the Steve Harvey show and my son walked through the door with a lady. 

She was nice but her energy did not feel right with me.  I think my son was helping this lady out with some things going on in her life.  To tell you the truth, shit I don’t know who the lady really is, so I am just going to call her my son’s lady friend.

This lady started coming by more and more and we started to talk about different things. She was telling me about some trouble she was having in her house. I said like what kind of trouble baby?   The lady got to talking bout how she was all into these different things like readings and tricks.  Shit, hell that sounds like that voodoo crap to me.  The lady  was saying that she was having some negative energy and seeing different dark shadows around her house so my son had been trying to help her out with different things on how to get rid of them.  And bring peace and calmness to her house.

So one day my son and the lady were in the back room reading, talking, praying and making sage bundles.  They think I just be rocking away in my chair and watching my shows but I really am listening because I need to know what is going on.  Especially if they are in my house.

One day this lady came by the house and when she walked in with my son I saw this dark shadow figure around her and I said to myself I am damned if  that thing is going to come up in my house with her.

I stared at my son and the lady because I was trying to see if it was really what I was seeing. The  lady looked back at me and I heard her telling my son in the back room that your mom looked at me like she saw something that wasn't good.   She said she had this look in her eyes.

See what happens next in a couple days for the next post

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