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Jan 16, 2020

If you're here, thanks.

I'm sorry to keep sharing these posts; I suspect you're struggling to keep up with my outpouring 💙 of content.

But it is (for now) the way I'm expressed: I feel this overwhelming need to write and shine a light on the stories that we've so easily been seduced to believe, preeminent among those being the story of a separate me directing your life.

Are you?

Are you in control of any of it?

You are?

Which bit?

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

I don't think so. 

In fact, I know so -- if I take my cue from my (apparent) experience.

The truth is, nothing really matters. I know, that sounds so negative, so defeatist but it's true. It doesn't matter because you can't, despite what you've been told, do anything to change the happening of this moment.


You idiot, Summerhayes: that's not my life.

I'm in charge. I'll do what I want. And I can be anything I damn want.

Oh, I'm sure you can. Indeed, if you're expressed to believe in the paradigm of the separate me, you'll keep knocking it out the park. But none of it will matter.


Because, it's all part of the natural unfolding of the universe, including, sadly, the way we're all culpable at the way we've traduced the earth.

You might then ask, if this is all there is, what's the point?

To what?


You don't need a point: you'll keep on doing your thing whatever else is going on. I mean, do you seriously believe that you will your eyes to see, your nose to smell, your electrons in your brain to fire or your heart to beat? 


So why should you believe that the invisible, all-knowing me (your brain, perhaps?) has any more influence than anything else?

I realise how frustrating what I'm saying is, but all I'll ever ask you to do qua coach, writer or speaker is to go to your direct experience of life and ask the question:

What's happening right now, in this moment?




Photo by Andrew Medhat on Unsplash

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