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Merge/Split Segments in OmegaT

Merge/Split Segments in OmegaT

Dec 05, 2022

I've just updated a super-handy script that lets you merge and split segments in OmegaT without making any manual changes in the segmentation rules.

The script now enables per-project segmentation (can be turned off), creates a separate set to store rules it creates so it's easy to revert to the default segmentation (can be turned off), splits segments without you having to select anything in the source text (that was a rather confusing part in the previous versions of the script), and warn you when you try to merge over a paragraph break (OmegaT doesn't support it, no matter what you do to the segmentation rules).

The updated script is available on GitHub and FS.net.

To read more about it, check out my recent post.

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