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This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Jun 29, 2022

unlike Gandalf, this shall pass… where ‘this’ is referring to whatever emotion you’re feeling.

that was a lesson from Headspace I got awhile ago and has continued to sink deeper with me, resonating so much more.

for example, during my stressful moments in life lately, i’ve been surprisingly able to recall this lesson during the heat of the moment. and it’s been so comforting. the idea that whatever stress, sadness, anger I’m feeling will pass. that there is an end to this emotion and a different emotion will take its place. it’s a never ending cycle.

the lesson was instructed as, think of any memory and emotion you have had. chances are there is always a beginning, middle, and end to it. it may be minutes or it may be days. but the point is, all emotions come and go.

I take solace in knowing that whatever negative experience or emotion i’m having will pass, to be replaced with hopefully a more positive one. and when i’m in the positive emotion, I can more approaches it knowing that it, too, is limited and shall pass.

I hope this message meets you well and it too can be a source of comfort. take care you all.

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