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Apr 06, 2022

been awhile since I’ve posted and been missing you all!

just finished a meditation session having just renewed an annual membership with Headspace. during my practice tonight, and like normal, I had the usual amount of stray thoughts intruding in and out. the instructions were to note any distractions and label them as either ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling.’ but tonight I decided to take it a step further and kinda categorize it a bit more. the three examples I’ll share are:

  • I recently got a promotion at work and haven’t told many people, so a fantasy thought came in where friends found out and they congratulated me.

  • haven’t talked to my nephews much lately and wonder if they still think about me.

  • checked work email before bed and a couple of coworkers sent some emails that seem to not like some new guidance I gave them.

the negative theme with these thoughts are “whoa is me.” the positive theme is that i’m thinking of others and how I may be affecting them. either way, the meditation lesson is to let them go. i’ve analyzed, gained some awareness, compared it to sati/dharma, and now to let it go.

miss you all!

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