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average performance

average performance

May 19, 2022

spent all day in a meeting today, face to face with 30+ coworkers. first time i’ve done this since, well, you know what. i’m also in a new position, so that added to the uniqueness of today.

at this point in my career, I think i’ve gotten quite comfortable with what I bring to the proverbial table and what I don’t. but because this is a new position for me, there was added pressure from… myself. like I said, I thought I had gotten to a point where I was secure enough but today’s uncomfortable feeling of not performing well much less knocking it out of the park brought back old doubts.

and as I sit here in bed reflecting upon the day, i’m ok with it. not everyday is going to be a stellar performance. it’s my performance and ability to contribute over the long run that matters. this feeling of uncomfortableness is prob a good thing. it means i’m being challenged. in order for us to grow, we need adversity. I just need to lean into it.

good thing i’m doing the same thing tomorrow!

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