First Post! Introductions & New Art Prin ...

First Post! Introductions & New Art Print

Dec 23, 2020

So, I'm new here. My name's James! I generally make fractal art with some 3D abstract work from time to time and a little bit of dabbling in motion graphics (Lower thirds, audio reacts, etc.)

I mostly post on Patreon - but figured I'd open up this page as a place for anyone more interested in my art than my longplays/reviews.

I started to notice that my Patreon page was mostly ReviewHaven-centric, so I opened this page to post stuff related explicitly to VenomGraphics since I don't post it often.

VenomGraphics posts won't stop on Patreon, they'll usually happen day-and-date with this page.

Rather, this is for anyone who only has an interest in my artwork. This will be a much cleaner feed, free of any ReviewHaven postings.

For now, enjoy this new art print that I've just released on Redbubble:

Hope you enjoy my work!

I'll work on getting more stuff up soon, and getting my branding updated on here as well.

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