Jul 28, 2022

Today we have someone who wanted to succeed at all costs but in the process lost you as you wanted to be free to be who you was and all they wanted to do with you was to control you. You also separated from this person because of the things they were doing behind your back and you know you did not have to put up with it. They could have even been bread crumbing you and or being unbalanced with you and you figured it was time for you to go as you felt stifled by this person. You deliberately moved away from this person to work on yourself and this caused a transformation in you now that you focused on yourself. But in the meantime the person who thought had you under their control is now mourning the lost and you are probably now living rent free in this persons head! Now and or in the future this person will want to come towards you as they now see you as the one that got away and is in deep regret for the actions they did previously. They see you as a missed opportunity and want you now but you have to ask yourself, do you still want this since you have transformed so much? Remember when you transform you change so is this person wanting the old you or the new you? Anyway, YOU DECIDE what you are going to do when they come back!

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