Sep 01, 2022

Today I see that your story is moving on and you might have had contact with your person and you are currently trying to make a judgement about this soul connection and or soul tie.  You are thinking about the past and what happened with the situation and how you both came to this point.  Whether it was cheating, manipulation, or just straight in and out energy, take your pick, you are now in contemplation about what to do next as you were nothing but loving and caring, you wore your heart on your sleeve for this person and now this person does not want to close the cycle with you and wants to try again.  They want to come in just when your fortunes are changing, it's feels like they know your future and want to be a part of it.  Have they got information about you, did they go to a tarot reader and this person told them what is coming up for you?  Whatever the reason, they want to take action now, where they were not interested before but you know deep down that there is a lot still hidden from you and want to get clarification.  Are you scared they are going put you through this karmic cycle all over again?  Or has it been illuminated to you that you just want to move on and or have found someone else?

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