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How Does Siri and Google Assistant Deter ...

How Does Siri and Google Assistant Determine When to Respond

Jan 06, 2023

Apple's Siri and Google Assistant are designed to recognize certain trigger phrases or keywords, such as "Hey Siri" or "Ok Google," which serve as a signal that the user wants to interact with the assistant. When the assistant detects one of these trigger phrases, it wakes up and is ready to process the user's request or command.

The assistant is able to recognize the trigger phrase using a combination of speech recognition technology and machine learning algorithms. When the user speaks, their voice is converted into digital data, which is then analyzed by the assistant to determine what was said. If the assistant recognizes one of the trigger phrases, it will activate and begin processing the user's request or command.

In order to minimize false positives and prevent the assistant from activating accidentally, the trigger phrase recognition algorithms are designed to be highly sensitive to the specific wording and pronunciation of the trigger phrase. This allows the assistant to accurately differentiate between the trigger phrase and similar sounding phrases or words.

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