First Time Butchering Chickens

Aug 17, 2021

I finally used my new chicken plucker. Our first batch of Cornish Cross were ready to go into the freezer.

I set up a system to be efficient with this process but had a moment of panic when we took the plucker out of the box and found it dented. Then we began to worry when we plugged it in and it wouldn’t turn on. I wondered if all the rough handling did something inside so I took a panel off of it and sure enough all the wires we disconnected from the start button. I reconnected the wires and it started to work and we were good to go.

Gary took cake if the chickens from cage, to cone, to the plucker. I then took them, removed the innards and put them in the ice after bath that I had added a splash of vinegar to as a germ guard.

I learned a little trick of putting a slit in the skin and tucking the leg through to keep the whole chickens from splaying out.

The following day I brought the chickens out of the water, let them dry. I cut up some and I left some whole. I sealed them in my vacuum sealer bags and labeled them.

I feel accomplished getting these from day old chicks to the freezer. Having good non-gmo, soy free meat in my freezer is truly amazing to me. I believe it’s worth the effort.

It will be an easier process once we are at the farm because having tractors full of chickens in town can become a bit cramped as they grow.

I hope you can accomplish this for yourself too.

Peace, Kirsten

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