Record Power ts250c table saw

Nov 05, 2022

Going through some of the bad parts of the design and how I feel that I've improved mine. Then maintaining the cast iron surface with Renaissance Wax and more interest fixes. Lastly on to some safety procedures that I use.

Here's the video

And my review is here below.

So what do I think of the Record Power ts250c? Well, I've not been to any shows or seen any other table saw since. But from what I've heard. There's a lot more choice now its over £1200.00. Some have solid cast tables all round and therefore the T-slot would probably be more accurate to use, than the T slot in a moving table. I've changed the main bearings twice. 2014 & 2016. And I've looked after it. I wish the power lead was 2ft longer to make it easier to position without using an extension lead sometimes. And removing/replacing the riving knife is my biggest bugbare. No thought went into this design  at all. Shame. I've a couple more adjustments and things to makes easier.
I would say Its still 'good'
Outtakes at the end 🙈😂

#recordpower #tablesaw

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