Bit of a burnout

Bit of a burnout

Oct 23, 2021

Hi Wagoners,

I want to apologize for the lack of content this week.

I've been working non-stop to bring weekly content, to an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, I've been unable to handle this task in the current week, and I want to give you some context regarding the artist behind the Transforming Wagon.

In addition to the Transforming Wagon and its platforms (Etsy, Redbubble, IG, etc.), I have a full-time job (40hrs a week), I manage my partner's marketing and management aspects of her own business, and I've recently started working as a freelancer for a translation/copywriting company in Europe. In addition, I'm currently working with a real estate broker and a bank so that I can purchase my first property. Needless to say, my time is limited.

This week turned out to be difficult. My full-time has added more responsibilities, which I need to take because you never know when you'll be replaced. Usually, I work 2-3 hours before and after my full-time so that I can keep a constant flow of content. However, the quality of my work has declined because of this, and I found myself not wanting to work on my art. That is a bad thing. Our society thrives on exploiting us just enough that we won't die on the job, but won't have the time or energy to invest in ourselves; it's a perfect plan. I found myself actually giving up. I have not finished this week's content, and I apologize.

What happens now?

I've been thinking for the last 48 hours about my life, my passions and so on. I don't want to stop creating, and I don't want to lose my discipline. However, to do so as I've been doing for the last months is unsustainable and rather dumb. I'm killing the best part of art, which is passion. I will keep working on my content, and I will keep sharing and supporting others. However, my schedule won't be as consistent. Until I find a way to reconcile my work life with my real life, I'll have to do what's best for my health.

Once again, I apologize, and I thank you for your support. I trust that you'll understand.

I wish you all a peaceful sleep and a beautiful tomorrow.

The Transforming Wagon

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