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About Me

About Me

Oct 06, 2020

Hi, I’m Tom.

I grew up with the internet, doing my first websites more than 15 years ago when Times New Romanmarquee tags and frames were still state of the art and my HTML was hacked into Notepad or Proton predominantly. I was lucky enough to be taught C, some JavaScript and Pascal in school for some years too - I’m sure I didn’t appreciate that as much back then as I do now, but it certainly provided a solid foundation.

Currently, I work as a senior consultant for a small Austrian software development company focused on corporate process management and IT documentation based on Microsoft products that we enhance with our own ISV-solutions.

There’s a lot of customization options in our products and solutions, so I’ve got to deal with anything from HTML, CSS and JavaScript to SVG and VBScript on a day to day basis. I’m also involved in product management, release planning, systems and application architecture and requirements engineering.

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