Common causes for not receiving your unl ...

Common causes for not receiving your unlock code

Jul 18, 2021

Here are the most common causes for not receiving your unlock code:

  1. You didn't indicate which app you are supporting (applies to payments via and Paypal)

  2. Your email address associated with you Paypal account is no longer valid.

  3. My reply went to your junk mail or spam folder.

  4. Your email inbox is full and not accepting messages.

  5. I'm asleep. Responses are a manual process. Most responses are within the hour but may be 6 to 8 hours depending on the timezone that you are in.

  6. Your Paypal payment was in the wrong currency. It should be US$.

  7. The email address you provided is incorrect.

  8. You sent a payment request via Paypal instead of a payment.

Email me via this link for assistance:

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