Welcome everybody to the Tribunus Plebis ...

Welcome everybody to the Tribunus Plebis cafe!

Feb 20, 2022

Hello, everybody!

First off a heart-felt thank you for your patronage! We appreciate that you have found some value in our work and have decided to join our cafe! We look forward to hearing from you!

Here you will get access to the podcast, videos, writings, and support one of your favorite creators as we make working class analysis of the United States and the world.

Content soon to come along with the posting of the back catalogue in due time!

All tiers of this subscription will have access to everything posted. 

Whether or not you contribute or how much you do is entirely from the generosity of your hearts and based on what you can personally afford. If it's $10/month, great, we love it. If it's $0/month, great, perfect, we love you, too!

We here at Tribunus Plebis Media have no desire to gate-keep our content from those who can't afford to contribute and allow access only to those who can afford to contribute.

We realize that even $3/month is too much for some people and for those folks, please continue enjoying all the content we have produced and will produce, for free.

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