Postcards were sent!

Postcards were sent!

Jan 31, 2024

My January has been, let's say, interesting, but ending on a good note! I am optimistic for February! The postcards got ordered later than usual, and then I sat on them. But I mailed them today! 

If you have been to the site in the last day or so, you may have noticed some changes have occurred, and we can thank Amy for some helpful feedback that led to some of them. Many articles will get smaller, but new articles will cover the removed stuff to reduce redundancy across the site. 

In other news, Abby the Newifie had a doctor's appointment last week and is doing well! Her arthritis is not bad right now, but we are looking for ways to help her. 


So far, I have two trips planned, both flying to my sister's. The first trip is to bring my folks back, and the second is with my eldest niece to Wisconsin for the summer. I will take her on her first flight, which she will remember; she flew as a baby. Her mom and siblings will join her a day later; they are driving up.

I booked the tickets for that May trip within the past few days and got some decent deals! My base ticket to go down there was $38!! I have myself talked into paying for a good seat. Even if I do, it will still be cheaper, like more than half, than I would pay for other airlines. 

Anyway, we will chat later; thank you for your support! 

Safe travels and happy planning! 


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