💪 Sigma Planner 1.6.0

💪 Sigma Planner 1.6.0

Sep 30, 2020

It's out! Get it here: https://transhuma.tech/sigma/
Note: Microsoft Store update will appear in a few days. A standalone installer is available.

New: Terminology of modules. The small, 8ft module is now called Cube. The big, 20ft module is now called Teu (TEU widely used short for a Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit). In the upcoming updates, we'll also introduce a new, 40ft by 40ft volume measure unit, which we'll call a Block.

New: Outside wall covers for your better imagination. If you decide to use the basic Sigma building components to design a building, you can use glue to basically stick anything on the walls. We've created several examples of outside covers you can now place on modules to help you imagine what your building could look like and feel like. These covers are none of the standardized Sigma components. They are purely a visual aid.

New: Component B35, a simple single-pane window with an aluminum frame.

New: Cinematic construction effect. Building something, switch to the Simulation mode using the Enter key, and press the C key. Your build components will progressively disappear one by one. Press C again and they will progressively appear one by one again.

New: Cube and Teu foundation meshes with better textures.

New: Toggle-able scene rendering statistics.

New: Planning screen status bar now also shows the current Unix timestamp and app version.

New: The setup screen now shows a notification if a new version of the app is available.
Improved: Build screen titles are now smaller, aligned to the left and multi-line.

Improved: Components are now highlighted using an outline instead of modified materials, which is currently used in Destroy Mode (Planning screen > C key).

Improved: The list of placed components and prices no longer blinks. (Plus is way less demanding on computation.)

This update was a trial. We had to learn a lot but eventually, we've pulled it.

Our plans with Sigma Planner have changed a bit. We figured out the capabilities of the application may go way beyond the original expectations to not just only serve as a building planning app, but an entire community planning app. A great starting point for the 2025 experiment. We have decided to introduce features related to these potentials in the upcoming updates. And progressively rename Sigma Planner to The Construct.

Please play around, report bugs, suggest improvements.

More images of outer covers:

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