💪 Published: Transhuma Website

💪 Published: Transhuma Website

Aug 18, 2020

Hi everyone!

As you may know from our previous BuyMeACoffee post ("From Now On, It's Me and Transhuma"), we call ourselves "we". Me and my life partner Veronika, who's been contributing a significant amount of effort to my vision. We also gave it a name, because "we" doesn't work very well with exact referring. And it's just not fair to call all this just "Mirek" if V's contributing as well. Plus there's a mysterious guy Erik, who has been the first and only financial supporter (so far) with a relatively generous amount. Not exactly active contributor, huge help though.

I hope more people will join in the near future with any kind of active or passive support. 🤞 It was time to give it all a name, we decided for Transhuma as for "transcending human".

At the same time, while I have been working on the Sigma Modular Construction System, which is a proposed solution to the Standardized Modular Construction Challenge. We needed a place where to put the documentation of individual Sigma components.

We thought a Transhuma website would be a good place, so we have created one: https://transhuma.tech/ Now it's ready and steady (unless you find those bugs that some are very likely there). Some of the Sigma components are already listed, by the way. We'll be adding them progressively.

Check it out and please let us know what you think about the website overall. 😊

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