💪 Published: Dozer, Simple CI/CD Runner

💪 Published: Dozer, Simple CI/CD Runner

Aug 05, 2020

Today we have published a software tool we needed for digital shipping of an upcoming piece of software of ours (a software we are really excited about, stay tuned).
Dozer is a simple runner for continuous integration / continuous delivery workflows, useful if:

  • You don't have your own server and existing cloud CI/CD options seem like an overkill.

  • Existing cloud CI/CD options are not suitable for some reason (e.g. too hardware demanding runs).

  • You want to use command line tools that are hard to install over command line.

  • Your environment is already set up and you want save time installing all tools on each CI/CD runs.

  • You want to develop and test your CI/CD steps on your localhost before uploading the scripts to a cloud CI/CD.

Of course it's free for anyone to take advantage of, as everything we do. More information at: https://github.com/kasp1/Dozer

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