📖 An Alien Story

📖 An Alien Story

Mar 09, 2021

Imagine an unidentified flying saucer would land on Earth today. Right in front of a superpower government building, to gain as much attention as possible. The police and army would immediately surround the place. People would stop and gather to find out what’s going on. The officials would nervously look out of the windows, wondering if this is really an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.

After tens of minutes of the audience gathering, something like an entrance of the flying saucer would open. And several alien beings would walk out and stop just in front of their spaceship. Think how astonished people would be. A few minutes later, some of the audience would start thinking that these beings are obviously waiting for someone to talk to. Brief contact of the army officer in charge of the situation with perhaps the highest officials of the country would grant him to send “someone” to try and greet the visitors. A few army and police men would volunteer, or perhaps be given the order to approach the aliens. Hoping that these beings are coming in peace, but still suspicious. These men would start walking towards the representatives of a likely much more advanced civilization. Everyone aware of the situation would have their head full of all sorts of ideas, potential dangers, and possibilities.

Now the thoughts of the greeting group would ease as they would be coming closer, having figured out that the visitors seem to be smiling at them and that they don't seem to possess any weapons. A few meters in front of the aliens, one of the officers would start to raise his arm in an attempt to wave to the visitors, having no idea of what better to do. And at that point, one of the aliens would just say “Hello”. These men struck by this event would stop and stare like stone statues, with one of them having their arm still stuck in the air.

“We are the delegates of another civilization in our galaxy,” the aliens would continue. “We come in peace. You don’t have to be afraid of us.” The greeting group would probably just keep staring. “We would like to speak to the entire mankind and so we would like to invite some of your media to join us at this moment.” One of the officers would suddenly get unstuck to slowly grab his transmitter and say “Sir, did you hear that?”. A “Yes” would echo back and everyone would continue staring for a few seconds of noise. Until the transmitter responded: “Please tell them our media are coming.” At which point the police officer would just shut the transmitter and get back to his staring stance. 

Several reporters, who’d normally run for any sensation like a pack of hungry beasts, would approach the meeting in a swift but careful manner. Now with a few dozen grave-quiet men and several cameras in front of them, the aliens would start their speech.

“People of the Earth, we come in peace. Our mission is to discover life on remote planets and establish good relations between our civilization and any other. We have visited and surveyed the Earth repeatedly in the past millennia to research your ability to comprehend such a situation. This time we have determined that your level of understanding is sufficient and so by visiting you we are letting you know that another intelligent life is present in the Universe. We are the delegates of the Go-am species and our origins are closer to the center of our galaxy.”

Wherever on Earth could people watch this broadcast, life would just stop. Nobody would move, nobody would speak. Although the aliens would clearly say that they are not going to wipe us out and capture our planet. Perhaps most of us would be worried about what’s going to happen next, maybe some with a little excitement. At the same time, everyone would possibly feel like whatever happens, obviously, nothing’s going to be the same as before, and that hopefully, the change will be good for us. And also perhaps everyone would realize and feel like our planet, our world, the reality we live in, is a tiny nothing in the scale of the civilization of these visitors and the scale of our galaxy, not even mentioning the rest of the Universe.

“Based on our observations, we have concluded that our science and technology is more advanced.” the aliens would continue. “Which gives us a great opportunity to make our relations start in a great way. Besides the fact that we are willing to share much of our wisdom as soon as you have the capacity to grasp it, we would like to present you with a gift to help you with your transcendence to the next stage of evolution.”

“At this precious occasion, we would like to provide your kind with a technological system consisting of two devices. One of which will be able to collect matter from your planet and reconfigure it into any product of your own design. And the other device, in order to help you to sustain your existence on your planet, will again reconfigure the matter of any product back to the resources of your planet. As the power for this system, we have chosen the principle of cold fusion to allow you to understand its maintenance easily. Each of these devices can only handle a limited amount of operations, but we are willing to provide enough pairs to cover the requirements of your entire population.”

“If you agree to accept our contribution, your quality of life will greatly improve. You as individuals, groups, or entire regions will not have to compete for resources anymore, which will eliminate any suffering related to this kind of conflict that makes up the majority. You as a species will have to provide almost none of your own physical energy in order to gain more of it. That’s because our system will give you any amount of food you will need for your living. You will not be required to work. It will also provide you with any products you need to live your life comfortably. Including all your tools, electronics, cars, and furniture, for example. Whatever blueprints will you supply to the device, it will produce. Your species will no longer experience hunger, poverty, or stress caused by the lack of resources you need to use. You will not have to practice and obey laws related to the way you live in order to not harm anyone other's right for their own resources, because our systems will be able to supply every individual with the amount they need and choose to live from.”

“If you accept this gift, your civilization is statistically guaranteed to transcend from what we call survival species to the next step of evolution in 5 local years. Thanks to this technology we’ll provide you with, you will be freed from the duties related to fulfilling your basic needs. Instead, you will be able to focus on developing your collective intellect. Our long-term mutual collaboration will eventually help you to reach the scientific and technological level of ours. Which we have developed on our own and in collaboration with our allied civilizations. And the time will come when you will be able to contribute back.”

“With your permission, we will remain right here in our aircraft for as much time as you need to make your collective decision. We are aware of the fact that accepting our contribution will greatly influence your society and so we are also available to consult our experience with similar transformations in other civilizations we have contributed to.”

After these words, the aliens would just walk back into their saucer. When people would realize what did just happen and what the aliens just said, they would probably just stop whatever they were up to and go home. And sit. And think.

Would you take the offer?

Of course, you would. Your genome says so. Because we have evolved in a way to invest less energy in the environment than we gain from it and this would be by far the best way to do it. We couldn’t have logically evolved otherwise.

Imagine all your daily struggles could be gone in an instant. You would be free to do whatever you want. What would you do? Go party hard? Get yourself a hundred iPhones? Then travel the world? What would you do after months spent lying on a beach?

You would probably get bored. Perhaps sooner or later you’d start doing what you really love to do, not what you called your job in the past. Perhaps you’d start looking for a purpose because your genome also says you’re a sociable organism and your brain has developed to like being appreciated by other individuals. Maybe you’d even get back to your daily routine, just with a different activity to do. An activity that you’d believe would benefit the collective as a whole, so the collective would love you back. In general, you would have very few reasons to get in a conflict with other people and neither others would want to. What would we need to fight each other for, after all? Would we need laws? Would we need money? Just try to imagine what the world could be like.

And now, imagine we didn’t need aliens for this and instead of two magical devices, we could advance our current state of the industry into many magical factories and modules that could work together fully automatically. To deliver us, humans, any resource or product we need for living to a high standard, without the requirement for us to pay back. From a farm or a mine to your house. Fully autonomous supply chains, which would reproduce even themselves and adjust themselves to sustain our population. This idea is very complex, requires a lot of work and the change is nowhere near-instant. But indeed it is very possible with the science and knowledge we already have.

My name is Mirek and I have started a quest for such a future, which I believe could be much better than the present. Please visit https://transhuma.tech/  

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