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Value: Origin

Value: Origin

May 06, 2021

Mayday Mayday Mayday! 2-minute.

Value is what one likes. For that's what creates a connection for something to reappear in one's Life. 

Why one likes something is born from thoughts in the mind. Is that connected to a message from the Heart? I leave that up to you to figure out. 

To have a thing banned from one's Life, all one needs to do is to dislike it,  in other words,  give it the greatest negative value. That will ensure it never reappears in one's Life. 

Values personal to one's Life may not change drastically unless exposure to a different culture sparks it. This is happening with greater frequency with air travel shrinking the world and increased mobility of humans.

Values of work, however, change and shift with the times. Youths moved to cities to seek employment in factories and offices when the industrial age was upon us. There was value in hard labor then.

In the I.T. age, things to do with computer technology commanded value, like programming, coding, software and hardware production.

As we move into the age of artificial intelligence, another shift occurs and values again change as top dollars go to high end technology stuff.

Where will all these change of values lead to?

Listen/watch to get a sniff of what's to come! 2-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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