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Aug 31, 2021

Together? 2-minute.

Whom would one consider to be the champion in picking the right answers to Life's questions? 

The richest tycoon, the Olympian, the rishi? It's easy for the winner to believe there's a winning formula. But, one bets, it's easy to be tempted not to include the Grace of the Divine. 

This breath is not as satisfying as that one. One judges. From there, each breath is felt, evaluated. What's good and what's not, what use is it to the mind? If like waves coming in and leaving, each is there to sustain what? The drama of Life? 

For whom is the witness of the shows each day? The billions of pairs of eyes? They'll heave and push as one, like the mighty ocean pounds on the shore and runs away. 

If thoughts have energy like they say,  why haven't someone named a day for "Loving Thoughts"? Where the whole World, together, spend an hour to channel Love into the Universe? 

Day by day, in Loving ways, all Earth's problems will be resolved with ALL the Love. 

Can we afford to forgive even our enemies that way?

Listen/watch to find Grace in the World! 2-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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