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New Playlist coming up

New Playlist coming up

May 09, 2021

Hey, all, watch out for the week after next, our new playlist: Never a Pigeonholer Be

Pigeonholer: new term coined by yours truly for people who stereotype others. 

We are ALL guilty of being that so-called Pigeonholer. 

Maybe it's human nature and the habit of the brain to simplify and automate stuff. Like which leg goes in first each time one wears pants. There's no time taken to consider which leg it should be today and changing for different days of the month 😝

Yet, this same habit gets carried too far when the masses treat people based on what they think the latter's roles should be from their skin color, looks/ appearance,  gender, age (both directions, too much or lack of it), linguistic proficiency, status in society (rich, poor?),  home address, vehicle, past achievements and/or papers. 

Skin color and race: we all are familiar with the horrors of prejudice. Who's being helped and who's left behind. 

Charming looks/sharp dresser: means smart(er)?

Gentle-guy vs tomboyish lady: something not right? 

Too young vs too old: judgment of the panel. 

Manglish, apek or ABC (yellow outside, white inside): too difficult and don't embarrass yourself, please!

Worthwhile vs worthless: based on bank account balance, the more zeroes (within one account, not the zero balance type ) the better. 

Uptown vs downtown: braggadocio or timid as a mouse. 

Bentley vs old bicycle or no bicycle: 

Twice-PM vs homeless vagrant: who is more human? (Er... based on who did more damage...?)

Oversea-qualified vs locally disqualified: connections and entitlement vs disinterested, staring into space 

Glad to be of service, as one debunks the above stereotypes as a witness of Life within ...

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