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Missing Link?

Missing Link?

May 24, 2021

Missing Link? 1-minute.

Have you ever met a snotty person who doesn't suffer fools and behaves like something more is owed by the whole world with each passing hour?

What is the lesson one is supposed to learn from this person? Maybe to be kinder especially to the children of a lesser God and to look beyond status?

Any Game of Life comes alive as soon as it engages one's attention enough to generate the requisite energy.

This is how the Stories of Life come to be written on the everyday pages, moment by moment. 

The one who's seeking change, who yearns for something to happen, but ties it to an outer condition is missing this piece of the puzzle... 

Listen/watch for how greater value can be added to oneself! 1-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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