Wave 3 Characteristics

Wave 3 Characteristics

Mar 18, 2020


  • Is an impulse wave with a 5 wave (5-3-5-3-5) structure

  • Can never be the shortest wave

  • If W3 is shorter than W1, expect W5 to be shorter than W3.

  • Until it reaches 1.618 of W1, consider it to be a Wave C instead.

  • Frequently extends into a 9 wave structure, with another impulse wave contained within it.



  • Do not get suckered. W2 must be a 3 wave structure, so don't prematurely start the Wave 3 count.

  • Best conservative approach is to wait for W3.3 to clear W3.1, then enter.

  • Aggressive approach is to enter when W3.2 pivot is marked.

  • Once you are in a wave 3, do not attempt to trade it.  Corrections are frequently shallow and mal-formed.  They can look like a single corrective wave.  Time wise they seem to be about right, Just hang on and ride them out unless you are on a higher degree and can improve your position without much risk of being left behind.


  • When extended, can reach 200, 261.8, or 4.25 of W1.


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