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F/A-18 Super Warrior v7.6

F/A-18 Super Warrior v7.6

Mar 07, 2022


- pilot avatar appear when left/right view button pressed
- possible issue with CTDs because of effects conflict (effects GUIDs updated)
- external fuel tanks animation played in reverse when fuel set for them while plane on the ground
- lead edge vapour effect affected by vertical velocity
- crew inserted on launchbar switch toggle even if carrier crew presented nearby
- impossible to use catapult if PBK-Crew not installed (wait 6-7 seconds until launchbar and brakes pedals animation triggered, set full throttle and takeoff)
Archive contain modded files for PBK-crew package, they are exactly the same as in previous version


- SU8 changes merged (models and code, except canopy frost effect - can't find mask texture)
- Wings vapour effect added

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